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Traditional Ayahuasca retreat center in Iquitos, Peru

Welcome to Selva Madre

Set deep in the Amazonian rain forest, we offer a safe and relaxed environment. Perfect for exploring your inner Spirituality and healing powers through the ancient teachings of Ayahuasca

More about Selva Madre

More about Selva Madre

Selva Madre was founded by Shaman Don Luis Rimachi in order to help people find a way to transform themselves through the power of healing using Ayhuasca

Discover our Ayahuasca retreat

Discover our Ayahuasca retreat

We are dedicated to providing Ayahuasca retreats in the traditional lineage of native Shamans to heal and awaken.

Ayahuasca healing

Ayahuasca healing

Today many people are looking for alternatives to western medicine in order to heal themselves in a spiritual way.

The pillars of our work


Ayahuasca retreats in a safe and comfortable environment

Love, Family, Trust, and Integrity are the foundations of our work here at Selva Madre. We provide a protected, nurturing, peaceful, and loving environment in the heart of the Amazon. With the help of Maestro Curandero Don Luis Rimachi and the sacred medicine; we are dedicated to offering the best spiritual experience. Most importantly, we hope to create a bridge for those seeking an awakening and expansion of their consciousness.

Ethics and professionalism

It is very important for us to provide professionalism and follow protocols in order to ensure a safe retreat. Some Ayahuasca retreats offer more than five ceremonies a week, and it has been our professional experience that this is excessive. Ayahuasca requires at least two days to be processed by the mind, body, and soul. It is our intention for our guests to integrate the teachings of The Mother Plant into their lives and allow all parts of their being to be healed. In complying with our ethics, and the greatest good of our guests, there are no more than three ceremonies per week at Selva Madre (4 for 10 days).


A renowned center

Selva Madre welcomes guests from all over the world and is considered one the best places for healing therapy and an authentic spiritual retreat. Don Luis Rimachi has been a practicing Shaman for over 30 years in local native communities. He is dedicated to healing and guides guests from all corners of the world to achieve positive transformation and begin a new path on their spiritual journey. The Ayahuasca that we brew has no additives. We have a strict policy that brewing of the medicine ONLY be done by experienced Curanderos who are following a strict dieta in order to incorporate the purest and highest energies in our medicine.


Opportunity for a life transformation

We would like to offer you and your loved ones the opportunity of an awakening under the best, safe, traditional and authentic conditions possible. Our vision is to provide a profound transformation and positive outlook for your future through a personal awakening. Selva Madre works closely with the local community and through our long held beliefs and traditions of sharing, helping, and collaborating with the people of our community we have created the best Ayahuasca retreat and spiritual healing center founded on the principle of Love.

Human nurturing with love and care

Selva Madre is a family owned and operated center. Our goal is to offer you a unique experience with the utmost professionalism and loving care. The family atmosphere provided at Selva Madre is unparalleled offering you the opportunity to benefit from a long standing generational lineage of healers in the Rimachi family. With a loving heart and warm embrace we welcome our guests from all walks of life with varying spiritual and cultural backgrounds. We make every effort to make you feel at home as another member of our ever growing family in a safe and peaceful environment.

Our Ayahuasca retreat

ayahuasca retreat
Located in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, Selva Madre is one of the most renowned place for an Ayahuasca retreat according to your path of awakening.
Honoring our principles, our brew is made only by Shamans fasting during the cooking process. We use only pure, fresh Ayahuasca vines and Yahe leaves, nothing more is added.

Drinking the sacred medicine allows you to expand your consciousness, to encounter your real self and to heal your Karma. In other hand, it ensures your body of a perfect health.

Every ceremony is followed by a personal consultation and debriefing with Don Luis, plant baths and natural remedies can be recommended to you following his diagnosis.





During your retreat, you are staying in a private double traditional Amazonian house, they are very comfortable and spacious, protected by mosquito netting. Each room contains a private bathroom and shower.


Our primary concern is your safety during your retreat. For this reason we have a doctor and a nurse coming on site for any needs.

3 Ceremonies per week

Our safety protocols are important in order to deliver the best experience. Unlike other centers that propose five ceremonies or more per week, there is the perfect amount of three ceremonies per week, this is a normal and ideal frequency. Indeed Ayahuasca demands 48 hours to be entirely processed by the body and for its teachings to be assimilated. Doing more ceremonies in a short time is definitely not recommended. Our 10 days retreat includes 4 ceremonies and our 20 days retreat includes 8 ceremonies.

Circle meetings

The days after ceremonies there is a circle meeting with all the participants, the Shamans and Maestro Don Luis Rimachi. You have the opportunity to speak about your visions and their significance, also the Shamans will explain what they have seen within participants during the ceremony. Each participant will receive direct feedback regarding his progression and/or healing. If Don Luis find it appropriate, there will be a natural medicine prescribed.

Ayahuasca ceremonies

Taking Ayahuasca is a permanently transforming process on all levels of your being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It reveals your higher inner self and facilitates deep healing. At the beginning of the ceremony the Shaman sings Icaros that are sacred songs in order to tune healing frequencies from nature. Every participant comes in front of the Shaman for a personal healing.


Purging is a central key element in Amazonian traditional medicine, the purge is induced by Ayahuasca helping  releasing physical, emotional energies and traumas that you can carry since the beginning of your life.

Upon the completion of your stay you will be cleansed of all toxins, energetic charges and you will have a final consultation with Maestro Don Luis.


For us the food is very important in order for you to have the best experience during your retreat, for this reason we serve fresh and natural local food. The meals are healthy and balanced with a dietetic care.

After the ceremonies there will be vegetarian food served and the following elements are omitted: Salt, sugar, saturated fats.


The transport is provided between Selva Madre and Iquitos city center on your first and last day, the transportation during the retreat except tours are not included. We are located at the other side of the river Nanay from Iquitos so the journey takes approximately one hour including taxi and boat.

The benefits of Ayahuasca

  • Improves your health
  • Rejuvenates your body
  • Improves your mental and emotional health
  • Increases intellectual capacities
  • Provides a spiritual journey
  • Awaken Psychic perceptions
  • Attracts abundance in one’s life
  • Has the potential to be as effective as many years of Psychotherapy

Your retreat

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Ayahuasca retreat reviews

Pier Italy

Review of Selva Madre Ayahuasca retreat on TripAdvisor My wife and I went at selva Madre in November 2018 and again in February 2019. It is in our opinion the most intense and life changing experience we ever did and for the best. The 3 Shamans Don Lucho, Luis Jr and Anderson conduct their ceremonies with so much power and love that all ceremonies are always amazing and are all different because the 4 ceremonies have a different theme (body, spirit, mind and soul). Their knowledge, professionalism and tradition speak for themself. This is not a business place where fake shamans just take your money and don't care about you or a place to just get high like other centers. This is a place for healing physically and spiritually. All the Selva Madre Family cares about you from the beginning to the end, feeling safe all the time in the middle of the jungle, and the food is great as you follow an ayahuasca diet. Having your own room (own bungalow) with shower and restroom is very important as well because you need that privacy to process and heal during the retreat. Selva Madre is the place where mother earth speaks to you and heal you! Highly recommended, I will be back soon solo this time around, and next year with my wife again.

Mark, United Kingdom

My two weeks spent in my Ayahuasca retreat here at Selvamadre have been magical! Right from the introduction to the family I have felt a strong sense of wellbeing and like it’s at home away from home. Don Lucho ensures that your days spent here are varied in exciting activities, which included seeing some amazing species of fish and other mammals. Monica’s food is to a high standard which you would expect in an expensive restaurant, considering the availability of ingredients from Padre Cocha it’s second to none in taste! Philippe has a very welcoming and kind apprentice to us from the start and a very helpful translator although the souther British accent is a struggle to understand at times for him and others! This experience has been so much more enjoyable than I had hoped, have made some friends for life and I hope to return again soon.

Zach, Colorado

Wow, my experience here has been incredible I think this has been one of the best week of my life. Taking Medicine here has been a very eye opening experience and I think I have found out a lot about myself and about life in general. I definitely plan on coming back and doing Ayahuasca retreat here again after I have spent some time with meditation so I can have more mental discipline and so I can have a more spiritual experience. I have had a lot of fun here the entire week I have stayed, Don Lucho and Monica have been absolutely the best, they are one of the nicest person I have ever met, they made me feel at home here and the food was absolutely excellent, Monica is a wonder cook! I will forever remember and cherish my experience here and I will miss everyone. I have met here very much, I will recommend Selvamadre to everyone that ask me about doing Ayahuasca. This is such a beautiful place! I love you all!

Rasmus and Emil, Danmark

We had an incredible stay with Lucho, Monica and all the other people at Selvamadre. We had our first ceremony ever Monday night with Lucho and it was an amazing experience. The energy was strong and so our personal experiences which included plenty of visions and hallucinations. Lucho helped us and the others, Philippe made the experience secure, joyful and amazing. We walk away as changed men. Besides the ceremony the stay has been nice, very good atmosphere, good food and plenty of it in tranquil and calm environment. We would definitely recommend a stay at this retreat.

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