ayahuasca retreatLocated in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, Selva Madre is one of the most renowned and traditional places for an Ayahuasca retreat.
Honoring our principles, our brew is made only by Shamans fasting during the cooking process. We use only pure, fresh Ayahuasca vines and Chacruna leaves, nothing more is added.

Drinking the sacred medicine allows you to expand your consciousness, encounter your REAL self and heal your Karma.  This powerful medicine creates a path for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation and healing.

Every ceremony is followed by a personal consultation and debriefing with Don Luis.  Plant and mud baths, sauna therapy, and a variety of natural remedies can be recommended to you following his evaluation and diagnosis.





During your retreat you will be staying in a private double traditional Amazonian house. They are very comfortable and spacious protected by mosquito netting. Each room contains a private bathroom and shower.


Our primary concern is your safety during your retreat. For this reason we have a doctor and a nurse available to be on site if an urgent matter or special need is required.

4 Ceremonies per retreat

Our safety protocols are important in order to offer the best experience. Unlike other centers that propose five ceremonies or more per week, we feel four ceremonies is the perfect amount per ten day retreat.  Ceremonies are held every other day with a day of rest, processing, and consultation in between. Ayahuasca demands 48 hours to be entirely processed by the body and for its teachings to be assimilated. Doing more ceremonies in a short time is definitely not recommended. Our 10 days retreat includes 4 ceremonies.

Personal one-on-one consultations

The days after ceremonies you will be invited to meet the Shamans and Maestro Don Luis Rimachi. You have the opportunity to speak about the significance of your visions and ceremony experience.  Shamans will explain what they have seen within you during the ceremony and give you direct feedback regarding your progression and healing. Don Luis will also prescribe natural medicines or therapies if you need them. Your progression, experience, and status as well as Shamans remarks are stored on a personal file.

Ayahuasca ceremonies

Taking Ayahuasca is a permanently transforming process on all levels of your being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It reveals your higher inner self and facilitates deep healing. At the beginning of the ceremony the Shaman sings Icaros that are sacred songs in order to tune healing frequencies from nature. Every participant comes in front of the Shaman for a personal healing.


Purging is a central key element in Amazonian traditional medicine, the purge is induced by Ayahuasca helping release physical and emotional energies as well as traumas that you may be carrying since the beginning of your life.

Upon the completion of your stay you will be cleansed of all toxins and negative energetic charges and have a final consultation with Maestro Don Luis.


For us the food is very important in order for you to have the best experience during your retreat, for this reason we serve fresh and natural local food. The meals are healthy and balanced.

After the ceremonies there will be vegetarian food served and the following elements are omitted: Salt, sugar, saturated fats.


The transport is provided between Selva Madre and Iquitos city center on your first and last day. We are located at the other side of the river Nanay from Iquitos. The journey takes approximately one hour from Iquitos including taxi and boat.

The benefits of Ayahuasca

  • Improves your health
  • Rejuvenates your body
  • Improves your mental and emotional health
  • Increases intellectual capacities
  • Provides a spiritual journey
  • Awaken Psychic perceptions
  • Attracts abundance in one’s life
  • Has the potential to be as effective as many years of Psychotherapy

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