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With over 40 years of experience as an ayahuasca shaman, Don Lucho is the center pillar and grand maestro of Selva Madre. He is the oldest brother of twelve and has a surgeon-like way of describing his healing work. He has the spirit of both a sweet child and a powerful bear and loves to share his wisdom, huge heart, and joyful belly laugh with everyone around him

Lucho studied at seminary and became a Catholic priest. When this didn't work so well with the traditions of his people and his shamanism, he left the church and returned to the Amazon to open Selva Madre, his own ayahuasca retreat with his family. He incorporates many perspectives into his work healing people and has big dreams for helping the world


The son to Don Lucho and Monica

Luis is walking in his fathers footsteps as a shaman and have a beautiful singing voice in the ceremonies

Luis also speaks english and will help with translations


Anderson is one of the main shamans and married to Don Lucho's eldest daughter, Juanita

Anderson used to be in the army, but after a long time of suffering he came to Don Lucho for help. After his healing Anderson decided to devote his life to being a curandero and helping heal the world

Today he has over 10 years of experience under Lucho's teachings and carries the title Maestro as a full fledged shaman


Lucy is one of the daughters of Don Lucho and is married too Miguel. They have two children Camila and Mark Anthony

When these two come around you are in for a treat, they always spread a lot of love and uplifting energy. Lucy runs a small shop in the neighbouring village, but helps out with cooking and cleaning


Miguel is married to Lucy and is an all around worker, he is great at tinkering and fixes a lot of things around the center that might need a repair. He is also a good driver on the dirt roads and helping anyone who needs a ride


Monica is the wife to Don Lucho, she's very humours, cheeky and a bit of a trickster! And also very loving and a hard worker. She helps all around the retreat and making sure everyone is fed and feel at home


Juanita is the oldest of Don Luchos children and is married too Andersson. They have two children, Jennifer & Andersson JR and living next too Don Lucho in Padre Cocha. She is a certified nurse and occasionally help with minor injures or issues if needed


I am the webdesigner and responsible for your bookings. I first came to Don Lucho and his family in 2015 as a patient and had amazing results and experiences, I returned several times since then and initiated apprenticeship as a Shaman. Currently I'm living in Sweden and helping the family with bookings and any questions you might have, so don't hesitate to contact me!