Red or Blue Pill? A life transformation

Taking the red or blue pill is an allegory of many myths. We were born into this world incarnated into a body without knowing (for most of us) our mission on this plane. As we grow we forget more and more the connections we have with other worlds and we become more and more stuck into the material world and its limitations. Finally, we forget who we really are and identify ourselves with our physical body, our belongings, our dramas. For some of us there is a call, a voice whispering slowly in the deep of our being, this voice is the calling, a few agree to listen to it and to change their lives, for the majority this voice ceases after a while when one refuses to accept it exists and continue to live in the illusion.

For those listening and following this inner voice, they will pass through the rabbit hole experiencing the dissolution of their ego of illusion, some will have to pass tests probably programmed before their incarnation. This voice will guide them to their realization, to the understanding of the illusion of their ego and this world.

This voice is our soul inviting us to take the red or blue pill; few will respond to the call. Amazingly, one will experience dying and be reborn to his real identity. It is a challenging moment when we leave our limited terrestrial identity and remove one by one the layers of deceit we thought were a part of our being. Letting go of the identification we have had since we were born is the way to achieve what we came to experience in this incarnation.

The red or blue pill choice with Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a master plant spirit that allows us to awaken, visit higher realms, and integrate our REAL self. The veil of illusion is being removed and all misconceptions fall away. You will cease existing as an unconscious being limited in its understanding of the universe and now live as a self aware being.

Will you hear this voice, will you hear your soul, will you take the red or blue pill?

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