Selva madre ayahuasca retreat


Maestro Don Luis Rimachi


With more than 30 years of experience, Don Luis is one of the most knowledgeable Ayahuasca Shaman still in activity. He began his training as a Curandero when he was child with his grandfather. His ancestors passed on a wealth of knowledge stemming back to the native healing traditions of the land. He spent many years studying modern medicine and theology, and he established himself in the community of Santa Maria as a Curandero. After more than thirty years of experience, Don Luis came to the village of Padre Cocha, and created Selva Madre in order to assist people in awakening and healing of the mind, body, and soul.


Selva Madre Shamans


Anderson is a part of the family, and is a Shaman Apprentice learning under the care of Don Luis Rimachi. He is from the region of Loreto, Peru. Anderson is a proud husband and father. He exemplifies the duties of a hard working Curandero, and is an essential part of Selva Madre. We are very proud to have Anderson call Selva Madre home, and be a leader in his community.

 Luis Junior

Luis Jr is the son of Maestro Don Luis Rimachi learning traditional healing in the lineage of his ancesters. He is a bridge between the guests of Selva Madre and Don Luis Rimachi. As a Shaman apprentice he is a strong advocate of probity, fellowship and cooperation in the community. Selva Madre is very proud to have him taking care of this soul opening place.


Ronaldo, Translator and Jungle Guide


Kitchen Team, Guards and Maintenance



Medical Team

 Doctor Enrique Sichar

Doctor Sichar works in collaboration with our center. He comes to our site for any medical needs upon request. His services are included with the retreat.

 Juanita (Nurse)

Juanita is the daughter of Don Luis and the nurse of the center. She is present on site to help with any medical needs.