The shamanic plant diet is a process of deep purification in traditional Amazonian shamanism. The dieta functions by moving plant spirits from the trees into your body, where they will live forever. The tree spirits bring their medicine and use it to transform and teach you from inside your body. Traditionally the plant diet is done by Shaman apprentices to get spiritual power from the plants. The plant diet consist of being isolated in a bungalow in the jungle with the following requirements:

  • No salt and sugar food
  • No western medication
  • Not leaving the diet area
  • Not touching anybody
  • Not speaking with people that are not in diet
  • No cosmetic, soap, repellant
  • Eating only what we serve

After the diet the following is requiered for 30 days:

  • No sex for 30 days
  • No alcohol for 30 days
  • No pork for 30 days
  • No drugs for 30 days

If you are interested into doing a plant Diet, contact us here (The daily price is the same).

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