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    Set deep in the Amazonian rain forest, we offer a safe and relaxed environment. Perfect for exploring your inner Spirituality and healing powers through the ancient teachings of Ayahuasca

Soul cleansing ritual bath

Life is often the occasion to catch unwanted energies from our environment, from people we meet in the street to people sharing intimacy with us or even staying too long in an energetically low vibrational place. Our soul is catching all these energies and they get stuck in our Aura interfering with the law of […]

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Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, the three Gunas

In Hinduism the gunas are in the traditions of Sankhya, Yoga, Bhagavad – Gita and Ayurveda three main qualities whose interaction produces all forms of “creation” which emanates from the Prakriti, the Original Nature. They are the three fundamental qualities of Prakriti, the Primordial Nature. They are very subtle, they are the causal factors of […]

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Spiritual effect of colors

On a daily basis we are all impacted by the spiritual effect of colors. From the colors of our clothes to the color of our house. Sometimes according to the colors of a place a painting or a scenery we can feel different vibrations both positive or negative. In many civilizations and cultures, colors had and […]

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Simple Pranayama

Pranayama is used to transmute and recharge your body of high pranic energies. The first goal is to transmute your sexual energies into the higher spiritual places of your being. The subtle spiritual canals (NADIS) Ida and Pingala ascend from the male testicles and from woman’s ovaries until the brain, they passes trough the nostrils and […]

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Ayahuasca effects

Ayahuasca effects are different from an individual to another because the medicine reacts according to one’s personal traits. During the opening of ceremony, the shaman blesses the healing circle and then the brew in order to activate it. Every participant receives a cup of Ayahuasca and drink it after greeting the shaman. The effect is starting after […]

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Attracting positive experience

Attracting positive experiences is the wish of any person. Your natural state of being is vibrating on a high frequency and energy level, when incarnate yourself on the physical plane you do it with the purpose of having multiple experiences on the material plane, this is one of the goals of incarnation, you leave your own vibration […]

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Managing sexual energy

Managing sexual energy is a subject that has always been controversial from the standpoint of certain Religions or dogmas. We are going to describe what it exactly involves from a spiritual or shamanic point of view. Sex is present everywhere in nature in a broad spectrum from the most basic creatures to human beings. It […]

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Mental parasites

In this article we will speak about mental parasites. We are all thinking at some stage that our life is full of problems and sufferings, job issues, sentimental or couple issues, anxiety, wishing things were different, complaining about our appearance. These troubles are there for sure. In fact in the present moment there are no […]

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